BG-07 Инициативи за обществено здраве

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The conference is being held by the Ministry of Health, regarding the implementation of information and publicity activities under the BG 07 Programme "Public Health Initiatives"

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BG-07 Инициативи за обществено здраве

Web page ot Programme BG-07:

Ministry of Health-Care:

Programme BG 07 "Public health initiatives" implemented with the financial support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014.

The Ministry of Health is designated as Program Operator under Programme BG 07  "Public Health Initiatives" by Decision of the Council of Ministers № 151 / 23.02.2012, amended by decision of the Council of Ministers No 545 / 23.07.2015.

The programme aims to increase the effect of funding in several priority areas that best meet national healthcare priorities arising from international, European and national treaties and the Bulgarian legislation.

The expected results of the Programme are:

  •     Improved management of the health sector
  •     Improved access to and improved quality of health services, including reproductive health services and preventive health services for children
  •     Improved mental health services
  •     Reduced inequalities between groups of consumers

The Programme BG 07 "Public Health Initiatives" is implemented through four predefined projects, four procedures for collection of project proposals and a small grant scheme for granting scholarships to Roma students that match the predefined outcomes.