BG-07 Инициативи за обществено здраве

The Ministry of Health held a final press conference under the BG 07 Programme "Public Health Initiatives"

On June 29, 2017 in Sofia the results and implementation of the BG 07 Public Health Initiatives Programme have been reported. The programme was carried out with the financial support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The Deputy Minister Of Health Dr. Miroslav Nenkov opened the final press conference, welcoming the attendees and using the occasion to thank the Programme donors: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

The event was attended by representatives of the World Health Organization, the Administration of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Health, project beneficiaries, representatives of non-governmental organizations and other interested parties.

The budget of the Programme is EUR 15,782,353 with a grant amount of EUR 13,415,000, of which EUR 5,650,000 is financed by the EEA, NFC funding EUR 7,765,000 and a national co-financing of EUR 2,367,353.

Moments of the conference

Conference Videos

Opening of the conference and a welcome speech to the participants by Dr. Miroslav Nenkov - Deputy Minister of Health

Presentation of BG07 Programme "Public Health Initiatives"

Eng. Stoyka Taskova - Program Manager of BG07 Program "Public Health Initiatives"


Presentation of the implementation of Predefined Project 3 "Improved Mental Health Services" with Beneficiary NCPHA

Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hinkov - Project Manager


Presentation of the implementation of project "Development of new services in the Day care Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Mental Disorders on the territory of the Municipality of Bourgas" with beneficiary Burgas Municipality

Mrs. Antonia Dyakova/p> Presentation

Presentation of the implementation of the project "Development of effective programs for early diagnostics of children with autism in Bulgaria through the application of international standardized tools" with beneficiary the University Hospital "Alexandrovska"

Mrs. Maria Kumanova - Project Manager


Presentation of project "Establishment of a center for family planning and prevention of reproductive health in children and adolescents aged 10-19" with beneficiary University Hospital "St. George" EAD, Plovdiv

Prof. Elena Dimitrakova


Presentation of project "Establishment of a center for rehabilitation and psychological support for children with cerebral palsy, autism and somatic injuries and their families on the territory of Burgas Municipality" with beneficiary Burgas Municipality

Ms Antonia Dyakova - Project Manager


Presentation of the project implementation "We understand and support you" with beneficiary Association "Progressive and Open Communication" Association

Albena Drobachka - Project Manager


Presentation of project "Fresh Start for Young People with Anorexia and Bulimia" with Beneficiary Center INSIGHT Foundation, Sofia

Miroslava Cantoutis


Presentation of project "Integrated support: expanding the access of children with diseases in Sofia, Pernik and Kyustendil to rehabilitation and development of the quality of care for them" with beneficiary Hanna Foundation, Sofia

Mrs. Mila Marinova


Presentation of project "Accessible health services for pregnant women, mothers and children up to 3 years from groups at risk" with beneficiary FIRST SAGHAL "Saint Sofia", Sofia

Mrs Desislava Boneva - Project Coordinator

BG-07 Инициативи за обществено здраве

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Under the BG 07 "Public Health Initiatives" programme, a total of 29 projects and a small grant scheme were implemented. During the conference was reported the successful implementation of the projects financed under BG 07 Programme. Over 400 high-tech medical devices have been delivered thanks to the Programme, which contributes to the quality of prenatal diagnosis and neonatal care.

A model of a web-based immunization registry, as well as registers for rare diseases and diabetes, has been developed. An information system has been set up to regulate the construction and operation of non-ionizing radiation facilities and an information system for mental health care.
Sixteen departments of hospitals and specialized centers for mental illness have been renovated and equipped, 2 national information campaigns on reducing stigma and discrimination targeting people with mental illnesses have been carried out.

To improve access to sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents aged 10 to 19 years old with a specific focus on vulnerable groups, over 1,500 medical examinations of individuals in the target groups and over 5,400 medical counseling have been performed. More than 5,600 sexually transmitted diseases tests have been performed, medical supplies and equipment have been delivered. 

Eight centers for work with children with mental, genetic and oncohematological diseases have been renovated or newly created, with emphasis on children suffering from cerebral palsy, cardiovascular diseases, autism and youth suffering from eating disorders. More than 150 medical specialists have been trained to work with disabled children and over 900 family members of children from the target groups. Six new methods for working with children with disabilities have been developed and tested. An information campaign was conducted among over 7,000 students.
Home health services have been provided to pregnant women and children up to 3 years with emphasis on groups at risk with a focus on the Roma population. "Parental Training" was conducted for over 1600 persons. Over 2,000 free medical examinations and more than 3,500 medical consultations have been conducted.

A financial support for 135 students and postgraduates of Roma origin was provided under a small grant scheme in order to cover annual training fees and monthly scholarships. Advocacy trainings were organized as part of summer camps.