In January 2004 Knowledgeable society foundation has created a Center for professional training (CPT) licensed with license № 200412183 of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) under the Council of Ministers by decision of its Board of Directors (Protocol № 09 / 23.06.2004).

The main direction of the educational activities of the Centre for Professional Training covers:

Standardized courses for qualification and requalification in the field of company management, entrepreneurship, rural and ecological tourism, travel agency operations, hotel related services and its management in the context of professional development of the staff.

The Center investigates the needs of the employers and offers licensed training in 10 professions with 12 majors for vocational qualification and requalification. The training is available in two forms: attendance and e-learning.

The attendance form of education offers attendance classes which combine lectures and interactive training with various forms of independent work.

The e-learning offers an educational process without leaving the work environment, allows consultations in non working days and offers a system of teaching aids - multimedia, audio and video products - which guarantee high efficiency of student?s self-learning .

We offer wide range of professional courses and majors:

1. Profession “Marketing specialist”, code 342010
1.1. Minor in “Marketing ”, code 3420101 – 3rd degree of professional qualification 
2. Profession “Economist-manager”, code 345010,
2.1. Minor in “Economics and management”, code 3450104 – 3rd degree of professional qualification 
2.2. Minor in  “Entrepreneurship and management”, code 3450105 – 3rd degree of professional qualification 
3. Profession “Company manager”, code 345020,
3.1. Minor in  “Tourism management”, code 3450205 – 3rd degree of professional qualification 
4. Profession “Associate in small and medium business”, code 345050,
4.1. Minor in  “Small and Medium Business”, code 3450501 - 2nd degree of professional qualification 
5. Profession “Computer specialist”, code 345100 ,
5.1. Minor in  “Word processing”, code 3451001 – 1st degree of professional qualification 
6. Profession “Office Manager”, code 346010,
6.1. Minor in  “Business Administration”, code 3460101 – 3rd degree of professional qualification
7. Profession “Office assistant”, code 346020,
7.1. Minor in  “Administrative assistance”, code 3460201 – 2nd degree of professional qualification 
8. Profession “Hotel manager”, code 811010,
8.1. Minor in  “Hotel organization”, code 8110101 - 3rd degree of professional qualification
9. Profession “Hotel administration”, code 811020,
9.1. Minor in  “Organization of service in hospitality”, code 8110201 – 3rd degree of professional qualification
10. Profession “Organizer of tourist agency”, code 812010,
10.1. Minor in  “Organization of Tourism”, code 8120101 – 3rd degree of professional qualification
10.2. Minor in  “Rural tourism”, code 8120102 – 3rd degree of professional qualification

The Center of professional training offers wide range of flexible and personalized corporate trainings and individual consulting (coaching), developed for the employees of our corporate clients. These certified courses-trainings are studied and developed according to the requirements of the particular client, synchronized with the identified training needs, the objectives and the specifics of his business as an integral part of the corporate culture and policy.

Consulting services

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EN ISO 9001:2008 for developed and implemented system for quality management

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