possess certification EN ISO 9001: 2008 attesting that the organization has developed and implemented system for quality management with the following coverage:

  • Education services in the field of professional, marketing and management education
  • Consulting and training services in the field of analysis, elaboration, implementation and adaptation of systems for management, strategic planing, comunication and marketing strategies, turism and human resourses development. 
  • Counsulting services related to preparation, application, management and realization of projects under EU programmes and other aid institutions.
  • Services in the field of marketing and advertisement for print and electronic media
  • Services in the field of organization and conduction of events and the related logisctics.

The certificate is issued by certifying authority HMI EuroCert GmbH, Magdeburg, Germany 

Consulting services

Knowledgeable Society Foundation is consultancy company for project setting-up and management. Highest level of expertise in European project engineering in Bulgaria.

Quality Certificate

EN ISO 9001:2008 for developed and implemented system for quality management

Events management

Events management, Logistics, Information and publicity


has a team with extensive experience in project management in European and national programs